Drama Workshops

Dressing up and creating dramas that resonate with all age groups is what we enjoy the most! Simple yet effective props are used to accentuate well known and new tales for your pupils to contribute to. Why not recommend a familiar text to be adapted into a 60 minute workshop where pupils have the opportunity to delve deep into their imaginations and produce their very own mini performance. (20 children per workshop maximum.)


Popular tales including The Leopards Drum and Anansi the Spider-man can be performed for your pupils. Alternatively, please suggest your favourite text for us to consider adapting into a short interactive performance for your students to watch and enjoy.


Interactive Storytelling Sessions

Interactive story telling involves the audience with drama, questions and music encapsulating your pupils within a moral tale. These sessions are increasingly popular with Key Stage 1 with stories such as The Blue Coat and The King of the Fishes.

Stranger Danger Awareness

Inspired by the play Mouth Almighty, this hour long workshop focuses on the key issue of strangers. In small groups the children partake in activities including characterisation of the key characters, drama games and improvisation all to reiterate the message of awareness and personal safety.

Author Visits

A wonderful opportunity for pupils to get to know a real and local author! The session with Salihah Agbaje will be packed with discussion and questions on what it takes to become an author, what makes a good villain and excerpts from the play Mouth Almighty.


Literacy Consultation

Sometimes a fresh pair eyes can help to highlight the areas that need improvement.  Here at SWP, we provide the best guidance for educational establishments to enhance and deliver a diverse and inclusive literacy collective.




Thursday July 15th 2010 Event


Come and watch a preview of the latest children’s play by Salihah Agbaje, Mouth Almighty


To be held at: Manor House Library

Thursday July 15th 2010
At: 4:00 pm
Any queries call 07831 879

Preview of performance at :
Manor House Library   Thursday July 15th from 3.30pm
Grove Park Library       Saturday July 17th from 1.30pm
Lewisham Library       21st July from 3.30pm
St Michael's C of E School in Sydenham    22nd July from 1.30pm
Catford Library          28th July from 1.30pm
Upcoming Events


SWP will be at the wonderful Manor House Library in Lee this  Friday 19th November from 4pm!  If you haven't had the chance to visit this beautiful library in Lee, take this opportunity and experience a SWP workshop whilst you are at it this Friday!
Hope to see you there.
The Transitions workshop is fun, interactive and full of drama.  Come along and join in a FREE session with a comfortable focus on the changes children go through, including the transition primary leavers make as they go on to secondary school.


For more information, please contact us

Summer 2010 

New Cross Library
3rd July from 3pm

Forest Hill Library
4th July from 2pm

Blackheath Library
8th July from 4pm

Manor House Library
18th July from 2pm

Catford Library
28th July from 2pm-Performance and Workshop

Preview of performance at Manor House Library- Thursday July 15th from 4pm
Grove Park Library-Saturday July 17th from 2pm
Lewisham Library-21st July from 4pm
St Michael's C of E School in Sydenham -22nd July from 2pm
Catford Library-28th July from 2pm

Coming Events

We will be performing Mouth Almighty on 23rd & 27th September at Theatre Peckham in South London. We will also be performing at The Islington Assembly Hall in October.

For more information. please contact us


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Coming Events

We will be performing Mouth Almighty on 23rd & 27th September at Theatre Peckham in South London. We will also be performing at The Islington Assembly Hall in October. For more information. please ...


Our vision and where we are heading

Performance plays a huge role in aiding the delivery and development of expression in youth. That is why we use performance and song to reach out and educate young people.  We ...


Socio Drama

The dramatic technique we use is called Socio-drama, a performance art that aims to teach its audience about social issues.  By drawing out critical aspects of social problems within the play, this ...


What is a SWP Preview?

Previews consist of 20 minute performances, that we call ‘snippets’. This mini-play serves as an introduction to the play Mouth Almighty that we are currently touring.You will ...