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  • “The children got an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and understand situations they may face in life!”


  • “The workshops gave the children the opportunity to share and learn about the important issues; as well as providing solutions to the situation”


  • “All children were well informed”


  • “The issues were explained carefully”


  • “I loved it all!”


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Coming Events

We will be performing Mouth Almighty on 23rd & 27th September at Theatre Peckham in South London. We will also be performing at The Islington Assembly Hall in October. For more information. please ...


Our vision and where we are heading

Performance plays a huge role in aiding the delivery and development of expression in youth. That is why we use performance and song to reach out and educate young people.  We ...


Socio Drama

The dramatic technique we use is called Socio-drama, a performance art that aims to teach its audience about social issues.  By drawing out critical aspects of social problems within the play, this ...


What is a SWP Preview?

Previews consist of 20 minute performances, that we call ‘snippets’. This mini-play serves as an introduction to the play Mouth Almighty that we are currently touring.You will ...