Salihah Agbaje

Salihah heads an expanding team of performers, workshop leaders and storytellers. She has worked within the field of entertainment and theatre for over ten years and writing has become a developed passion. With a BA in Media Performance and a background in Performing Arts and Literature, Salihah offers a wealth of knowledge to those she works with.
With a profile littered with the likes of The London Bubble Theatre and The Weekend Arts Centre to mention but a few, Salihah continues to work with a wide array of institutes that support the elevation of children’s theatre. Salihah has directed, adapted and choreographed for children’s audiences throughout the South East. Bringing Theatre in Education to the forefront of the curriculum is an aim she holds for the long term with Spoken World Productions. Salihah is a mother of two and the author of Mouth Almighty, A Play.  Check out www.mouth-almighty.com for more information on her popular children's book. 

The Tutors

Lookman Sanusi

Lookman Sanusi has been working as an artiste with children and young people for 20 years now. He currently works with the Unicorn Theatre as a workshop facilitator. He has delivered several workshops with the youths at the Unicorn including the Summer Youth Theatre for the last 3 years. He has also worked with other theatre companies running theatre workshops in schools in and outside London. He now runs his own theatre company, Red Velvet Productions which majorly presents African plays for young people.
While in Nigeria, Lookman initiated the first children's theatre and Arts Festival (CHITAFEST) in 1998 which was supported by the Goethe Institute. He is also the chief consultant for Action Health Inc. Teenage Festival of Life, an event which celebrates the talents of youths in public schools in Nigeria. Lookman mentors the Leeds Young Authors and is a father of three and the founder of Bubbles FM Radio Station.

Nikki Reynolds

Nikki works as a freelance choreographer in dance and a workshop facilitator in drama. She has worked with young people, facilitating a wide variety of projects including the London Mayor’s Festival at the South Bank.

With a backdrop of working with not-for-profit organisations, including SASS, Nikki has choreographed and showcased works with many youth and children’s groups from the ages of 4 years upwards. She has facilitated workshops at schools, prisons and youth centres for children, young mothers and after school clubs. Nikki has tutored people on many topics but with a major focus on combating social exclusion and dealing with other social issues within the wider community, Nikki has dedicated a great deal of time to targeting those of less privileged backgrounds. Nikki is a mother of three and is a primary school teacher.