Do you find you have plenty to say but can't quite string your words into clear and concise sentences?  Expressing ourselves clearly is the key to good communication and our articulation classes are ideal for those trying to break down barriers and build bridges.  If you would like some help with expressing yourself more clearly, give us a call to arrange an initial assessment without charge.

What is Elocution?

SWP offers elocution lessons to children and adults in both group and one to one settings.  Each lesson is tailor made to the needs of the client and designed with an interactive and structured process to get you speaking clearly and smoothly.  We base all lessons on this initial assessment which will determine your requirements.

Our clients range from those in the corporate field to professionals and organisations in the city of London.   Individuals that are seeking to soften their accent, improve their articulation and deliver key note speeches are amongst our many satisfied customers.

Contact us now to arrange your free initial assessment

Speech & Drama

Our Speech and Drama sessions are set in a relaxed atmosphere and provide the perfect surroundings for young minds to overcome their fear of delivering spoken word to an audience.  With over a decade of experience in the theatrical field combined, our teachers are well versed in speech and drama exercises that boost confidence, raise self esteem and develop an awareness for the audience.  Our Speech and Drama classes are perfect for children that wish to improve their vocal range, stage presence and performance skills.