What is a SWP Workshop?

Our workshops are hour long interactive sessions that encourage open discussion, a forum for young people to express themselves and gather understanding on social affairs.  We use role play and group work to connect with young people and demonstrate the difference in making sensible and futile decisions.  We can tailor make our workshops to issues that are better suited to your needs but our hot topics at the moment are:

  • Bullying
  • Stranger Danger
  • Keeping Good Friendships

Our workshops are designed to communicate and interact in two directions; by receiving information from us, the pupil is guided in a manner that is informative, interesting, clear and fun.  By getting feedback from the pupils, we can learn how the youth are changing, what new trends are occurring and how well they are receiving our input.  We are also able to pick up on what more we can do to assist them in furthering themselves as individuals and as a part of our society.