After School Enrichment Clubs

Our enrichment programmes are fun!  Our students look forward to the end of the day when their creativity can continue in one of our fantastic enrichment sessions.  Read on to learn more...


Every week we engage children in games that encourage social skills and aid character building across the key stages. Each session provides the children with a chance to enjoy a wide variety of active participation involving improvisation, role play, imaginative discussion and empathy exercises.  Our facilitators engage the children in the art of performance, with the use of props and costumes and plenty of fun, confidence building exercises.  All with a build-up to a performance for parents/carers to see at the end of term.


Our tasty snack preparation classes are perfect for children of all abilities. We use innovative recipes and fresh produce to create quick and easy treats that the children can take home and share with their families. Learning about nutrition and the origin of our food, the children become engaged and can share their creativity by providing snacks for the audience at our end of term performances.


The Props and Set Design session is a perfect complement to the other clubs. The children focus on themed art projects and keepsakes, using recyclable materials, creating unique crafts as well as set and costume design for our original productions.

Bringing all of this creativity together creates a theatre that children have ownership over and at the end of term they are able to proudly present what they have learned.