Spoken World Productions
Black History Month


Well, it is only around the corner and for the month of October we will be celebrating all things Afro-Caribbean!

Black History Month brings about the opportunity for us to learn more about all that embodies this exciting and diverse culture.

We are looking forward to tasting and sharing great food, stories, dances and music with you.

Over the next month, we will see an explosion of colours, sounds and tastes that reveal themselves in drama, art & crafts and dance.  You can be an active part of discovering something new or reviving an old talent but whatever you choose, we will be right here to assist you and make it as educational and effortless as possible.

Here are a few ideas for starters:

Why not tap into your crafty side and consider mask making?  Using a range of natural materials on card can create the most decorative of displays for your classrooms.  However, if you are feeling more adventurous, you could cook up some tasty treats for your students to try and identify.  Add a twist by working in pairs or small groups and using a blindfold.

If cooking up a task or two seems a little too daunting, never fear!  Spoken World Productions can organise a drumming workshop where your students can bounce out a beat or a powerful dance performance for you to sit back and enjoy and we can even help you to choreograph your own.  Alternatively, perhaps you might consider something a little less energetic?  We are ready to deliver an interactive African story telling session, tailored to your key stage/requirements.

The most exciting part, is that for thirty-one days we have the chance to help you inspire and thrill the minds of your pupils with all sorts of fun activities.  What do you have planned and how can we help you?


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