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World Book Day


How often does the average adult get the opportunity to dress up and enjoy the freedom that comes with pretending to be a character from a storybook?  Not very often!  But World Book Day (Thursday 5th March 2015) is on the horizon and for that reason alone, it is time for teachers and educators everywhere to put on their thinking caps and dig deep into those imaginative and elaborate dressing up boxes.  That's right, revamp the role play and watch as your students struggle to contain their excitement as their favourite teacher dresses up as Burglar Bill, The Cat in the Hat, Horrid Henry or even a Gruffalo if you dare!

SWP will be close at hand to assist with author visits, drama activities and a whole load of fun for the day or even the week, just give us a call to discuss your brilliant ideas or drop us a line and we will be happy to help!


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